Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Do You Know Reality? (8 June 2016)

- Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. Gospel, gospel, gospel -- two best things in the world. Two things I'm addicted to. Good things to be addicted to, too :)

- We talk in Spanish all day. I'm so happy that California is basically a second Mexico or I don't know what I'd do without Spanish on the daily!

- Elder Bennet from the first quorum of the 70 is here all week. We have an 8-hour training with him tomorrow and then another 5-hour one the following day. It's going to be intense!

 - Justin. 17. His mom and sister just joined the church a year ago and we found him in the hospital. He had a series of surgeries and we would visit him each day between surgeries. Now we are teaching him. He has a baptism date for the 25th of June. Such an awesome kid. It's fun to find those that aren't really tainted by the crazy environment here. I have no idea how they stay that way living here. It blows my mind.

- How can we understand, comprehend, appreciate, and value eternity, or something eternal, when nothing in our lives has ever been temporary? Let's say you grow up with your family, they are still here, and you have your school and your job with friends and family. What in that life seems temporary? It's only when something becomes temporary like a death in the family or when you fight death daily with a terminal disease, etc...That is when we see reality, really as it is, and we understand more than we know anything else that death is real. More real than any of us seem to want to believe. Death is the ending of this life. As you meet the end that will also end everything else in your life, this is when you realize what really matters - not much more than that really does. All we can really control, and not even fully is the life we have here. We are still subjected to injustices and bad decisions of others, illness, etc...but at least we try to control it. But then we realize that by ourselves alone we cannot control anything of what follows this life. We don't know how, or even can by ourselves. That's where Christ comes in -- the only one who knows the "how," and He has given us the tools to make death only a passing phase rather than an end. It can only get better. It will be unimaginably better in the next life if we would only let Him change us and make it that way here. I've realized you can teach people this all you want. They may know it's true all they want. But to really find Him personally, on a personal level, it takes lots and lots of searching and work. But oh, is it worth it. He will take you out of this world and bring you to one better. You'll have one foot in heaven.

It's as C.S. Lewis said, "The men who did most for this world were the ones whose minds were caught up in the next."

I love this mission. I'm going to miss it dearly. I've never had to leave anything that's so close to my heart as this.

¡Haz lo que pueda a medida que le falte tiempo todavĂ­a! 

- Elder Austin Celaya

My last transfer. Saying goodbye to Elder Richards.

My new companion, Elder Price. He's from Redlands, CA. It's great - basically our whole zone is from California. Love it!

Cool mall in Columbia Circle

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