Thursday, May 5, 2016

LET HIM carry you! (4 May 2016)

- Walked down a back ally to enter into this basement apartment. The apartment was filled with random people. Out walks this guy we were going to teach, says he'll be right back. On drugs heavily. We sit and wait in this dark basement apartment. Finally, after 20 minutes we walk out and see him coming back but in rags, beaten and bloody. The rest of the crew followed him back into the house. We decided to schedule another appointment a little later at a better time. Hahaha.

- I love sharing the gospel. If you never have tried, and you want to be happy. Just try it. It's a happiness that comes from God – nothing we could create ourselves.

- We have been working with this less-active older couple. They live together, but are not married. They lost their son a year ago who was in his 20's. The mother has never been willing to come back to church. We went into the lesson planning to share Alma 34, but the Spirit took it another way. We ended up showing Elder Nelson’s talk that he gave in the priesthood session where he talks about reuniting the family of the 2 girls he operated on, but was unable to save. The wife opened up and finally said that she knew that it was up to her at this point to do what she needs to do to come back to church, get active, get married to her old husband whom she lives with, to eventually be able to go to the temple and be sealed with her family for eternity. I hope dearly that she continues with this vision.

- Solidifying true change is something all of us want but rarely carry out. Yet, it's so important for true happiness. We all want to do it, but always seem to slip up after a while. Having a change of heart isn't as hard as you think. Especially when it's God you’re giving your heart to. Give him your heart, and trade your temporal life, for He will give you an eternal one. I know that more than anything. I love this work. What a privilege it is to be in God’s work.

Give Him your heart. It will be the BEST thing you EVER do,

- Elder Celaya

Missionary Leadership Council

Walking in the door . . .

Sitting in the back . . .

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