Saturday, May 14, 2016

"If you do that again, ya gunna get SHOT!!" (11 May 2016)

- Don't mind the title. Just something that happened when I was talking about the drugs we could smell in the project building. All of a sudden, around the corner pops out the guy who was thus "using" and didn't like how we were talking about his drugs or how we just busted into one of our good member’s apartment. Haha. Had to be there.

- It was fantastic to be able to talk to my family on skype. You guys are so amazing!

- Something I’ve been thinking about … Many people think that the way you were raised, where you grew up, your financial situation, and family situation defines you. But YOU control
your reality. The second you don't think you do, you are right. Believe and let it move you to change your life and make the world a better place. It's sad to see how many people don't believe they can do it. They stay trapped in the life they hate just because they believe they can't get out. The ones that believe they can, do.

- We planned to go visit a non-member man I mentioned about in my previous letter. His
wife (who happens to be a less-active) had lost her 16-year-old son 6 months ago from a sudden accident. She has no friends or family here in the states, and she expressed her deep pain of waking up in the night and feeling like his death was a dream and then she would remember he was no longer here, and the pain would then flood her heart. The part that was a miracle was that the conversation started from her focusing on her loss to us making goals with her to one day go to the temple to be sealed to her husband and son. She says she is going to go to church and talk with the bishop to work with him to be able to change her life. I'm learning more and more that Christ is the only one that can pull us out of anything in life, if we choose to allow Him to.

- I'm in love with Spanish. I'm so thankful there are lots of people who speak Spanish in California so I can speak it when I get back home.

- Time is short here, but there is still lots to do. Have a great week and try something this week you don't think you can do. Believing is amazing. Like Benjamin Mee said (in the movie We Bought A Zoo), "All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it."

-- Elder Celaya

A couple of selfies with my friend Kalyn in Primary:

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