Friday, May 20, 2016

Cali (18 May 2016)

New York Subway

We visit this man named Fransisco, and his building is basically a drug haven. Every time we walk in people are dealing drugs, and the walls are covered in graffiti and other things not appropriate to mention haha. So we walked in yesterday. We usually go in and just to up to where we need to go and avoid the guys doing or dealing drugs. Usually they think we are the Feds and there always is a little tension when we enter. Well, yesterday we walked passed a group of them in the stairwell and they were smoking weed. As we walked up they were like, "Ah guys, so sorry for the smell. Like really, we are sorry." We looked back, kind of annoyed, and then all of a sudden words slipped out of my mouth that maybe shouldn't have and I was like " worries. I'm from Cali, I understand completely." They all started busting up yelling "OHHHHHHH" haha and laughing. They loved it. My companion didn't quite understand the reference, but now we are best friends with those guys. Every area I'm in we seem to always become friends with the sketches of the sketch. Hahah. I busted up laughing too because I didn't expect them to react so happily.

The last seven weeks of the mission are the best. It's like the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. You’re tired but you know you can go all out till the end because it's just two minutes. I'm loving it here and everything I'm learning. My mind is blank but my heart is full.

Just know that the gospel in the end is the easy way. You may not see that now. I love the realization I've been having out here.

Love you all. Never settle to be average.

- Elder Celaya

Zone Conference May 2016

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