Friday, March 25, 2016

Stoned in Manhattan (23 March 2016)

- Yeah are probably wondering about the title of this email ... you will have to wait :) Sorry mother.

- Knocked into this lady named Rosa. We taught her and gave her a baptism date. Then the other day in companionship study we looked in the church records and there was a lady with the same name who lived in the same building who was already a member. We called her and asked if she was, and she said no and that she never was baptized in our church. So we continued to teach her and then she came to church. Well, after the first bit she darted out and left without saying anything. We asked one of the ladies who talked to her what she had said. She said that this lady was a member of the church but is just less active. So we are stuck not knowing what to do because she lied to us about being a member. This whole time we were really teaching a member and she had been acting like all this stuff was new. We thought she was great, but clearly it was just too good to be true. Haha, bit of a heartbreak for sure.

- Ok, so now to the "stoning" hahah. We were walking down the street (a side street), and there was a big group of delinquent type people. They started saying all these things and then started throwing stones at as. We took the rocks and continued to walk away, holding back the anger. It shocked me though. I did not expect to get all these rocks thrown at us. None of them hit our heads :) God deflected them or something :) so Mom, we are all still intact.

- This week we needed Wifi to watch a video about how to work with members, but we did not know where to go. We realize that working with them brings consistent success. We also were really wanting to figure out how to do volunteer work at this major hospital in our area, but had no idea where to get started. But to find Wifi, we went to the library. Something just did not feel right. So we thought about where we could go, and the first place that came to mind was the hospital. We went to the hospital and were wondering how we could find someone to help us figure out how to volunteer, but the chances looked slim because of the process to get verified legally. In that moment of decision, the thought came into mind (I have not thought about this my entire mission) that for every person that you meet, there is a purpose for you meeting them. There is something you need that they have, or there is something they have that you need. It was a random thought, or so we thought. So we sat down in the hospital and started watching the video. This man walked up and sat down next to us, and we saw him watching the video, too. About five minutes later he introduced himself as a member of the church who finished his mission five years ago. He lives in New Jersey and works at the hospital. Turns out he married a woman whose father is the administrator of the entire hospital. "Turns out" as well that he happens to be a member of the church. Oh, and his secretary is also. We told him that we were looking to give service, and right there he called his father-in-law and the father-in-law said he would put us to work. Yesterday we had a meeting with him and a few other hospital administrators on how we could go about giving service, not just in the hospital but in the entire community of upper Manhattan. God is aware of what we need. It is a miracle to see what happens when we search for things. When we constantly are knocking, He constantly opens. We just need to keep our vision on the door. God knows us and He knows what we need—I saw that personally this week many times.

Love your enemies. It frees you from hatred.

- Elder Celaya

This is the lady who has been like my mother on my mission, Sis. Taveras. Elder Richards and I went and visited her on P-day (she lives in our old area when we served together in the Bronx).

New York City Library in the genealogy section

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