Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miracles (27 January 2016)

Hello Everyone!

— We went and did service at this house that takes in drug addicts, those with diseases, and homeless people, and helped cook breakfast for them. The head chef was a recovering addict himself. Got into cocaine when he was 15, then tried other things, but really got into heroin. The amount of pain killers and the types that he was taking a day was unreal. Doing 50 bags of heroin a day, taking ridiculous amounts of pain killers, drinking, smoking, and doing other types of drugs left him homeless. He ended up getting married 3 times. His first wife left, and his second wife died from a heroin overdose. The third one was his gem. He has been clean of any drug for a year now. It was incredible to hear his story. With the more in-detail things he told us, he should have been dead. It is a miracle that he is still living. He just had a baby last week with his new wife. It was amazing to hear that he said the only way he was able to recover was when he gave his will to God’s. He said that he knows God preserved His life to give him a second chance with his new family and baby girl. It was so touching. This man was one of the most Christlike people I have ever met. He was so loving and genuine, and humble, because he knew how every one of those addicts and people without homes felt. What a great example of extreme change that only God can give us if we give him our hearts and do what He asks us (which leads to happiness anyways).

— We got our ex pro tennis player, Kenny, off of his morphine and also off of his anti-depressant pills. We have worked so hard with him relating the gospel to the game of tennis. He has come to church the last two weeks, the first times in the three years he has been looking into the church.

— We made this goal when I first got here to talk to everyone that spoke Spanish. So, if we saw a Spanish person, even if we had to pull over the car, we would go talk to them. Well, now we are doing this with everyone, Spanish and English. So we have been pulling up to people and asking them if we can give them a Book of Mormon. The different responses have been entertaining. We pulled up to this elderly lady yesterday and asked her if we could give her a book that could change her life. She looked back at us very offended and snared, "ABSOLUTELY NOT. NOTHING CAN CHANGE MY LIFE." It was quite funny. We have been able to give out quite a few using this method.

— We have been working out twice daily. Elder Hansen and I have been hitting the track, and then we have this intense 90 day workout that we are doing. It's by far one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. We are eating very healthy as well. It's really paying off.

— I have been thinking about how we can never come to know how Christ can change us if we don't have the faith to just do what He says. Some might think, "How can an individual that isn't here change my life more than anything else?" But I have realized that one can't know, unless they put their faith into trying, trying to do what He asks of us. It is only then that we can begin to see God working in our lives. Until we have faith unto works, we are doing this on our own. Faith is a lot deeper than we think, but it is the key to unlock the treasure chest of the life God has in store for all of us — in this life and the next.

Love you all,

Elder Celaya

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