Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving in New York (2 December 2015)

Hello everyone,

Thanksgiving was awesome, wasn't it? It was very different on the mission, but different in a good way! We went to someone's house who didn't have a family, bought him a pie, ate it with him, and spent some time with him. It was great. Then we went to Felipe's and he cooked us a 20 pound turkey and a 15 pound ham...we made mashed potatoes and stuffing (with almond milk), and we spent some time with him. I love that guy. I don't think there is anyone I'm closer to on the mission. And he is a genius! He is a member here from Spain who speaks better English than I do and it's his second language...SUPER SMART. Smartest guy intellectually I have ever talked with. He works for the UN.

We are having a large Christmas concert here in Manhattan in Lincoln Square. Well, what's awesome about that is that a lot of the ward members go to Julliard as performers. So, this Saturday we are going to have an amazing concert. It is the best way to contact people. 

Yesterday, we were not feeling too good. It was very rainy, the people are nuts, and we just needed something to get us going! So, we went out and ended up knocking doors in this one older building. We got to talk to everyone except one door in that building. The entire building was Spanish speaking too, which was a miracle. 

It's getting cold here. The crazies are leaving the streets and going down into the subways. When people ask us for money (which happens about 20 times per day), we now act like we are deaf and start signing to each other, or start speaking in Spanish, and they just move on. If you deny them, they get very angry and start cursing at you. Sometimes though we give them some change.

I have been doing a lot of exercising lately. It feels so good to get back in shape. Exercising mornings and nights.
I have been seeing that life really is all about your mind. If you can believe it, you can achieve it, with whatever it is in life. People who really want to change, do. They put in the effort and will do whatever it takes. And by them just showing up, putting in the effort, they already win the big battle. Heavenly Father made us. We have divine potential. As we are (as humans), we are limited in power, but when we involve God and ask for His help, there is nothing we can't do. When we truly come to know what we are and who we are made to become, we start seeing life a whole lot differently - the way God intended us to. 

Love you all,

- Elder Celaya

Felipe with Pres. and Sis. Smith

with Elder Wadsworth

Central Manhattan Zone - "Central Man"

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