Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Only in New York (11 November 2015)

Hello Everyone!

- Dwight Howard Yelling at Catholic Priest - So the other night, we went down to China Town because we had a lesson there. We were walking and this huge guy stops us and starts talking to us about Jesus. He was very enthusiastic, about 7 feet tall, and looked exactly like Dwight Howard (basketball player). Well, we were standing right in front of a Catholic church having a mass, and the doors were open. One of the priests came outside the door and kindly asked the guy if we could go talk somewhere else. The big guy looked at him and said, "Look bruh, if you was inside worried about what was actually goin on, ya wouldnt be worried about whats going on outside. So, shut up and get back inside and do ya mass." Then he looked at my companion and me and said, "You can tell that man don't read the bible. That guy ain't never read the bible in his life". Haha. It was a funny moment because he completely cursed out this Catholic priest. Only in New York.

Not much else interesting this week.

I have been thinking about the motives behind God and Satan. Satan promises us happiness now in this life, and tells us to forget about the next life, even making us feel like there isn't one. God says, happiness will come, even in this life, but the amount is uncomprehendible to the human brain. So, you have to trust me and just do these few little things to get there. Which one will you choose? Which one currently are you choosing -- maybe not so much by saying which one you choose, but by the way you are living? Think about that if I may invite you do to so.

Love you guys,

Elder Celaya

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