Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Picnic in Central Park (15 July 2015)

- This week has been so humid. Yesterday we were completely drenched like we were swimming from the humidity. It is unreal. Haha. I carry around notepads and a flip notebook in my pockets, and they were completely ruined because of how wet it has been. Then, on top of that, it started raining like crazy! And it was super hot rain. Very different than home.

- Celaya. So there was this family in the Harlem ward and when we met, they got extremely excited because they were baptized by someone (a white blood man), a missionary in 1987 who was from Idaho with the last name Celaya -- spelled the exact same way, and she said we kind of even looked similar. Crazy right? Mom, maybe we are related?

- Harlem. This place is NUTS! Crazies everywhere. We spend a lot of our time doing work in project buildings here, more than any of my other areas. The project buildings are the grossest things I have ever been in. You walk in the elevators, and every time there is a fresh puddle of pee on the ground. That is the kind of people that live in these things. They don't care about anything. They just go pee wherever and do whatever with their lives. Every time you get out of the elevator you smell the aroma of herb (not the kind you put in food, but the kind you smoke), and you hear arguing and loud music. That literally is every project. And the stench of rotting rats and pee. Ehh.

- Central Park. We had a picnic with the ward in Central Park. It was awesome!

- Lower Manhattan. We have been looking up some people in lower Manhattan and it is crazy how expensive it is to live there. With the price of living in a little apartment there, you could have a very large, nice property with a large house and maids and the whole bundle somewhere else. The NYC life is very interesting.

- Blessing. So last week we gave a blessing to that man who was in the hospital (from my last letter). Well, turns out he passed away. The wife was so sad. I really feel bad for that family. We are going to try and meet with them because they need the knowledge of what truly happens before and after this life.

There is not much to talk about this week. We have just been looking up a lot of people and knocking a lot of doors. But all is well here. (:

I can just say the longer I am here in this crazy place the more I am realizing how much good matters, the life I truly want in this world and for the eternities, and how real God truly is.  I hope we may all discover that.

With love,

Elder Celaya

My new mission president and wife, Pres. and Sis. Smith

Elder Merrell and me in Central Park

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