Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Contacting at a Hip-Hop Concert (20 May 2015)

Wow, what adventures I’ve had these past weeks! I have been so extremely busy, that is the reason I did not write last week. Where do I start? 

Well, I guess I will talk about transfers. My companion Elder Hausenfluck finished his mission last week and went home. I am so happy to have been able to serve with him. He taught me so much and I will use that knowledge the rest of my mission and even my life. 

I now have a new companion named Elder Richards. He is just awesome! We have a great time together. He is from Utah and has only been out for five months, but he is a stud! He's not afraid to talk to anyone and he's so good at doing it. He's very patient and loving and virtuous and is always looking for ways to show how much he cares. It's amazing how much you learn from your companions. 

- Elder Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and visited our mission. That was just unbelievable. I got to sing before he talked and it was such a good and crazy experience. It was incredible how much love he had for us. You could really feel it and I have never felt it like I did then.

- We have been trying to talk to everyone in the streets here that we can. Elder Richards is so willing to talk with anyone and so we have been coming up with good ways to contact people. Sometimes it can be scary, but then after you do it, it's no big deal! I think I enjoy it a little more than tracting, but tracting is great too!

- Contacting at a hip-hop concert in the park.
So there are these crossroads that we always walk across every day. We were walking to a family’s house that we usually teach, and all of a sudden we saw tons of people and heard this loud music. As we got closer we saw they closed off all the roads, set up tons of pop-up tents, and they had a huge stage in the middle of the road. It was absolutely wild! We went to the family’s house and after we had the appointment with them, we had planned to go look up a person before our next appointment. Well, we then asked ourselves, "How often in our area are there thousands of people all gathered together at one spot?" Really it's not that often. So we decided to go contact people and try to talk to them. We spotted this family on a bench and we went up to them and asked them if they knew who was performing. They told us, and they started talking and it was great. The man had been in an accident and the bone in his leg broke sideways, so they cut out the bone and put in a metal rod. He then started talking about how real God was to him in that moment. He is from Brooklyn and turns out he is a music producer. Since I love to do the same thing, we connected well on that level. He told us how he's seen everything worldly in his life, and has realized that family is what he really wants. So, we were able to talk about the plan that God has for us on the earth and they really loved it! We took their information down and we will keep in contact with them. This is just one of the amazing experiences we have had this week by talking to people on the street. It is amazing what happens when you simply open your mouth. 

- I have learned this week a little bit more about how God works with us. We must first do our part (to show Him our desire and our faith), and then He will do the rest. For example, the hardest part about contacting people is convincing yourself to go talk to that person, but after you do that, you feel the spirit speaking through you to them, and it becomes a beautiful thing. It really is true how they say faith always precedes the miracle. 

I have been thinking about really how simple life can be if we allow it to be. We are all here on this earth. As far as we know, we sometimes feel as if we have no direction. It really is simple. There was a man who came to the earth and lived a perfect life, and showed us the way to happiness here in this life, and eternal bliss in the world to come. That man is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Sometimes I ask myself why we don't just give our full hearts to Him and follow His example when we know it will lead us to happiness that in our human state we aren't able to comprehend. Do we not want happiness? Haha, at least that's the question I ask myself when I don't fully give my heart to Him and trust Him. I sometimes ask myself why I don't fully do that. But it's rather simple. God's given us the way to happiness in every area we could possibly think of, want, or envision and far beyond that. All we have to do is give our hearts to Him and exercise our free agency and choose to follow Him, because that's the one thing he doesn't have - our hearts. How can we simply give Him our hearts, and start ourselves on the path to infinite eternal bliss? I guess a good question to ask is what would we change if we knew we were to meet God today? I have been thinking a lot about that. And the answer that comes into my mind is I would give him my full heart. What would you change?

I love you all!

- Elder Celaya

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