Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (Frank Sinatra Voice) (Sept 3, 2014)

Hola mi familia!

Well I made it! I woke up on Monday at 2:30am and headed out to the airport! I got to talk to my awesome family and then flew out to Detroit. From Detroit we took a small tiny jet to white plains NY! The thing was tiny but I made it safe. My mission president (President Morgan and Sister Morgan) picked us up along with a bunch of elders that have served here for a while! They took us to the mission home and we had dinner with all the new Elders and sisters that came in yesterday (27 of us). I've been able to already make some super good friends.

This morning we went to north Manhattan for transfer meetings and then also upstate for the second transfer meeting. I am serving in the city Yonkers (right outside of The Bronx) and this is my companion Elder Paiz (picture below). He is awesome.  He's 21.  He's from Florida and he speaks really good English and Spanish. He's very humble and he's willing to help anyone with anything. If only we could all have that quality. I just met him about an hour ago and we go out tonight to visit people and teach a couple people....all in Spanish...and my companion was fluent in Spanish before he came out here and he said once he heard Dominicans speak, he had no idea what he was saying....and tonight we are visiting 2 Dominicans. Let's go! Haha.

It's extremely green here. I've never seen so many trees in my life - they never end! Such a beautiful area. There are SO many trees everywhere. would want to live here 100%. It's pretty humid here but it's ok, I am getting used to it. The city is pretty ghetto but I like it. It feels like home (LA). I actually haven't gone to Yonkers yet so I have no idea what that will be like (I'm at the church right after transfer meetings). I will have more for you next week, but just know this mission experience is amazing!

One thing that my mission president shared with me was this. He said that the point of this mission was so I could come to know my savior Jesus Christ & God. He said this will be the hardest thing I have ever done and the hardest thing I will ever do in my entire life, but that's the point. It comes to a point where I say, God, I can't do this anymore on my own. I need you and whatever you want me to do is what I will do. Once you decide this, he begins to grow you WAY more than you ever could on your own. It's simply beautiful. Tragic at first (the hard times), but then colorful. God makes our trials beautiful, but we have to let him. We have to give him our heart and our will, because that's the only thing he doesn't have. I love you all so much!!! Have a fantastic week and I will give you a lot more info next week! Pray for me! I pray for all of you daily! It's about to be a crazy week.

Oh! We get iPads too!  Change someone's life today!!

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