Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PICTURES - WEEK 3 (Aug 13, 2014)

So for those who know me, I think this picture of my companion shows exactly how we are opposite. Haha.

This Is Sister White. She is one of our teachers here. She is AWESOME! 

Here is a picture with the Ferris Bueler look-a-like. He acts exactly like him too. It's hilarious. 

This is me and Dakota's companion Elder Lu.  (Switched name tags.)

I found Joe here too! (He is one of my good friends from England that I met at EFY 2 years ago!)

The amazing Opera Singer and Elder Pierce

​Look who we found! We found Allie Benson (or Sister Benson) here! 

Elder  Pierce got to host me coming into the MTC and 
me and my companion were able to ship them off
 as they left the MTC! Great growing time for all of us.

This picture is a drawing of a discussion ​me and my companion had for companionship study.
We really get into some deep material. It's great!

PS. An email wouldn't be a good picture email without a PDay (Preparation Day) Selfie.

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